We are proud to announce that the HOMOZYGOUS Stallion "Pure Luck" will be standing at Dreamaker Farms again for the 2002 in May and June of 2002 breeding season !  Limited Live Foal Spotted Foals Guarantee. (Returns for 2003 will be at Pleasure Gait Farms)
2002 Stud Fee $500.00

AI and Cooled Shipped Semen Will Be Available!

We will be posting his foals from the Dreamaker Mare Band as they arrive here so keep checking!  "Luck" is and excellent outcross stallion for Dreamaker Bred Mares!  Like "DM" he is also HOMOZYGOUS.  Will arrive at Dreamaker Farms on May 1, 2002 and remain until the end of June 2002.

For more information on this wonderful stallion check out his page at Pleasure Gait Farms at http://foxtrotters.tripod.com/pureluck.htm

LUCKYHead.jpg (21539 bytes) LUCKY.gif (116071 bytes) LUCKYFLYERGOLD.jpg (192853 bytes) 

Tiagoa_in_the_Hay_Tif.jpg (67511 bytes) T.jpg (67925 bytes) T2.jpg (68330 bytes)
"Tioga" means Road Traveler Reg MFTHBA Colt

DianeandnewLuckyFoalswithDamNicki.jpg (79384 bytes) DianeandnewLuckyFoalswithDamNicki1.jpg (79153 bytes)
Less than 12 hours old
Diana Saddler and her new "Lucky" sired stud colt not yet named with Dam "Nicki"   More pictures as he matures! 

Lucky Filly out of Jasimine.jpg (51635 bytes) Lucky Filly out of Jasimine1.jpg (62287 bytes)
"Jasimine's Lucky Charm"
Reg MFTHBA Filly By "Pure Luck"
3 days old

LuckyfoalfromJube.jpg (47960 bytes) LuckyfoalfromJube1.jpg (36688 bytes)
SSHBEA Colt only a week old her by her dam who stands 15.3hh.  He's going to be a big boy! By "Pure Luck"   He's HOMOZYGOUS!

PSLuckFoal.jpg (80897 bytes) PSLuckFoalleft.jpg (42194 bytes) PSLuckFoalrt.jpg (75409 bytes)

AnniesFoalGood.jpg (31516 bytes)

Scoobys Foal 1.jpg (28475 bytes) Scoobys Foal.jpg (28084 bytes)
Couldn't resist posting the picture on the left! :)

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